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Welcome again on Fotocomunicazioni

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Ragusa, Piazza Cappuccini

Back online, after a long time the blog of FotoComunicAzioni, the “historic” blog of Salvo Micciché, photojournalist and editorial photographer. Back in full integration with the classic website, with social pages and with “Ondaiblea, Rivista del Sudest“.

The blog is dedicated in particular to photographic projects related to the discovery of the culture of Southeast Sicily (cities such as Ragusa, Syracuse, Noto, Scicli, Modica…), its people, its places and monuments, but also much more, from street photography to portraits to storyboards of events and more.

More details about Salvo Micciché’s photography and photo galleries and about his cultural activity can be found on the social pages: Flipboard, Vero True Social, Instagram, Facebook.

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