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Why to visit Ragusa starting from there?

Three curiosities of the cityscape of Ragusa around the most central street

The distracted tourist may not notice it, but just look around, turning in Ragusa for Via Roma, the center of the modern city (Ibla is the historical, ancient city), to notice different architectural styles and curious details that are inconspicuous at first glance.

In a very short photowalk today, April 22, 2023, we thought to offer our readers three moments, three places, which can be visited by going from the Pennavaria bridge towards the center of Via Roma.

• First of all, the panorama of the social gardens (“Orti sociali“), which the Municipality of Ragusa is having arranged in recent months. Surrounded by houses and buildings built between the 60s of the last century and today, the small plots of land cultivated by passionate citizens, make a good impression and we suggest admiring them, just today, the day on which the “Day of the Earth” is celebrated.

• In the center of Via Roma here is a curiosity loved by the people of Ragusa: the kiosk of San Giovanni (“Chiosco di san Giovanni“), a bar currently closed, but almost always open and ready to mix good drinks, near the cathedral of San Giovanni Battista. It’s been there for decades and woe be to take it off: the citizens would get quite a bit angry …

• Finally, something about the historic architecture of Ragusa, between Baroque and Art Nouveau style (“Stile liberty”, in Italian). What we present is a typical mullioned window (“trifora”) in the back of St. John’s Cathedral, still well preserved.

We hope, with these short notes, to pique the curiosity of tourists and visitors: go to Ragusa, start from these three points of Via Roma and then visit the entire city, the modern upper city and the ancient and medieval Ibla. You won’t regret it!

Salvo Micciché

(ph © Biancavela Press / salvomic, Leica Q2, 28mm)

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