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At “Ragusani nel Mondo” good success, with Susan Sarandon special guest

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Susan Sarandon at Ragusa (ph Biancavela Press / salvomic)

Ragusa, 30 July 2023 — Last night, 29 July, in Ragusa, the 28th edition of the Prize “in the World”Ragusani nel Mondo” (it means ‘Ragusan people in the World’) was brilliantly held, the annual event that rewards the excellences that, with a brilliant and remarkable curriculum, start from the cities of the province of Ragusa and illustrate the world with their science and their industriousness.

In the presence of the president of the Association “Ragusani nel Mondo”, Salvatore Brinch, the director Sebastiano d’Angelo, the past president Giovanni Franco Antoci, and in the presence of the authorities (present the commissioner of the Provincial Consortium, Salvatore Piazza, the mayor of Ragusa, Peppe Cassì, the mayors of other municipalities, the Prefect and the Quaestor …), the award ceremony took place during a wonderful evening also enlivened by the music of the orchestra of Peppe Arezzo. A very large audience followed closely for three hours and applauded often.

Veronica Di Quattro, Giovanni Criscione, Claudio Sgarlata, Carlo Trigona, Renato Scuzzarello, Giovanni Morana, Stefano Ricca, Salvo Salerno and Salvatore Occhipinti were awarded, along with other guests and the guest of honor, the American actress Susan Sarandon.

In the morning a reception was held at the Municipality of Ragusa, in the presence of the mayor. The winners and organizers welcomed Susan Sarandon, accompanied by one of the winners, Giovanni Criscione, with whom she has common family roots.

In the gallery some shots of the photojournalist Salvo Micciché for Biancavela Press (Leica Camera, Q2 and M11).

Appointment at the 29th edition, the summer of 2024.

Salvo Micciché

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