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Ottica Spoto: Leica Tech Story march 2023

Ragusa, March 10, 2023 — One of the “Tech Stories on the road” was held at the Leica store (authorised dealer for Sicily) Ottica Spoto (Piazza Libertà, Ragusa).

Some photographers, under the guidance of Nicola D’Orta, a Leica certified photographer, were able to experience the power of the Leica Q2 system, then being able to photograph live, with cameras, through the streets of Ragusa. The result was portraits, details, evidence of reportage and a great desire to own, use, recommend Leica cameras, which are always fascinating and attractive.

In the photos some moments of the event. Thanks to the restaurant/bar “Clab” for the welcome and availability. And of course we thank the staff of Ottica Spoto (leader Giorgio Spoto), always kind, helpful, welcoming and friendly: so, thank you so much to Arianna, Giusy and everybody there.

ph Biancavela Press / salvomic, with Leica Q2, 28mm

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