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Leica Q3 test

Ragusa Ibla, ph Biancavela Press / salvomic

Ragusa, June 30, 2023 – Also in Sicily, at the dealer Ottica Spoto (Piazza Libertà 19, Ragusa) a group of photographers, including the photojournalist Salvo Micciché, was able to try the new Leica Q3, with the assistance of a professional photographer and consultant from Leica, Marco Durante.

Salvo Micciché, Andrea La Pira and Gabriele Ruta, in particular, tested the potential of the new camera, from black and white to backlight, with various exposure and autofocus modes, in Ragusa Ibla, the historic center of the old city, between monuments and tourists, ranging from various photographic specialties, from street photography to portrait, to architectural photography and so on…

At the same time Samuele Bocchieri and other photographers tested the camera in other light conditions, between the interiors and the bridges of the new city.

They were, overall, very significant tests, which highlight the great potential of the Q3 camera, which is definitely among the best cameras especially dedicated to photojournalism. Here are some shots of Salvo Micciché.

A big thank you should be given to Ottica Spoto, and in particular to its leader, the photographer and optician Giorgio Spoto and a thank you goes to Leica Camera and Leica Akademie Italia who sponsor these initiatives.

Ottica Spoto

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