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Tunisia, al-Medina

Ragusa, 25 gennaio 2023 — From 9 to 20 January, with the team of prof. Giovanni Di Stefano, I participated in the excavation of the Italian-Tunisian Archaeological Mission in Carthage (info on Ondaiblea).

During breaks from work (archeology, but also photographic réportage) I was able to visit some important parts of the cultural and architectural heritage of Tunisia, in particular Tunis, with its al-Medina and the al-Zaytûna mosque, Carthage (obviously) with the port, the Roman Villas, the Amphitheatre, the Baths and the Tofet, then other sites, like Zaghouane, Jebel Ouest.

And here are some shots of what I could admire: people, places, but also perfumes, smells, the time scan of the Muezzin…

Photos taken with Leica Q2 (28mm) and also with iPhone 13 pro.

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