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Hike to Kamarina

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Ragusa, November 19, 2022, a guided tour and a conference by prof. Giovanni Distefano (University of Calabria, Università Roma Tor Vergata and honorary director of the archaeological park) at the Archaeological Museum of Camarina, with the patronage of the Archaeological Park of Kamarina and Cava d’Ispica, Lions and Arteinsieme Comiso, with the participation of Arch. Domenico Buzzone (director of the Park), Marcello Nativo (Arteinsieme) and Maurizio Migliore (The conference had as its theme: the ecists, the founders: the story of Daskon and Menekolos).

Some details

Professor Di Stefano recalled part of the history of the city of Camarina (Kamarina) founded in Southeast of Sicily by the Greeks of Syracuse in 598 BC, in particular the history of the two ecists (the founders). The public also appreciated the guided tour of the recently reopened Museum, thanks also to the work of the architect Domenico Buzzone.

The whole story

The entire photo gallery is on the Facebook page of Salvo Micciché.


ph Biancavela Press / salvomic, with Leica Q2 camera.

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