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Gabriele Camillieri won the tournament

In a serene and quiet scenery took place on 12, 13 and 14 May 2023 at the Pala Parisi in Ragusa headquarters of the Accademia Scacchi Ragusa the Provincial Championship of Ragusa – round of 16 of the Italian Absolute Championship 2023.
The tournament, organized by the Accademia Scacchi Ragusa and the Circolo Scacchi “Pippo Fasino”, saw the participation of 18 players, including two from the province of Catania and one from the province of Syracuse.

Discreet the general level: 2 first national category players, 4 second national category players, 1 national third category player and other experienced players and some young emerging players.Remarkable is the presence of 6 Under 18s.
The tournament was deservedly won by the young emerging Gabriele Camillieri (with 4 points out of 5) still barely belonging to the Unclassified category and which we will soon see among the third national teams, followed by technical play-off (always with 4 points out of 5) by the strong second national team Giancorrado Randone.

Third place to the surprise Piergiacomo Conigliaro (with 3.5 points out of 5) who despite being for now still in the Unclassified category has fought to the last for the top of the ranking.

Excellent fourth place finally (always with 3.5 points out of 5) for technical playoff to another very young emerging Federico Mea who despite his 10 years has given a hard time to the strongest players of the tournament.

(story by Francesco Criscione, president of Accademia Scacchi Ragusa)

Foto © Biancavela Press / salvomic (Leica Q2 28mm and M11 90mm)

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