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Book: L’emerito Uomo

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Emerito Uomo

Ragusa, May 18, 2023 — The book by Crocifissa Mangiavillano, L’emerito uomo (Marcovalerio Edizioni) was presented at the Feliciano Rossitto Study Center (in Via Ettore Majorana 5, Ragusa).

The story

After the greetings of the president of the Center, Mr Giorgio Chessari, the journalist Giuseppe Nativo (director of Ondaiblea, Rivista del Sudest) presented the short novel by prof. Mangiavillano, originally from Palma di Montechiaro residing in Palermo, in the presence of the Author. Pippo Antoci has read some excerpts from the book.

‘L’emerito uomo’ (it means ‘the emeritous man’), set in the last century in a small village in Sicily, the city of Gattopardo (Palma di Montechiaro), has as its protagonist Pepé Porretto, the last scion of an ancient family whose origins set in the seventeenth-century land aristocracy that survived the repercussions of the Risorgimento and then of fascism until it reaches our days. Pepé, a controversial and unscrupulous man, but at the same time selfish and fragile, is obsessed with the idea of bastardizing his descendants as a result of the sisters’ senseless choices. The picture that emerges is a Sicily, beautiful and brutal, populated with oxymories and contradictions, but whose language, customs, customs and folklore enchant then as today. A beautiful land sometimes suspended or smothered in a remote corner, almost arcane, but always magical and tragicomic, like life.

All the information about the book and the Author can be read on Ondaiblea.

Salvo Micciché

Story on Ondaiblea, Rivista del Sudest

photos: Biancavela Press / salvomic (Leica Q2, 28mm, M11, 90mm)

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