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“Archivio storico IBLEO 2/2022” WAS PRESENTED

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Ragusa, May 31, 2023 — In the hall of the AVIS (Auditorium Saro Di Grandi) in Via della Solidarietà 1, in Ragusa, the Società Ragusana di Storia Patria has presented the second issue of the magazine “Archivio Storico Ibleo“.

In a public assembly, in the presence of many members and the mayor of Ragusa, Dr. Giuseppe Cassì, was presented by the president, prof. Giorgio Flaccavento, and the scientific director, prof. Giuseppe Barone, the second issue of the Company’s magazine.

The presentation was attended by the two vice-presidents, dr. Carmelo Arezzo and prof. Giancarlo Poidomani.

The presentation took place after the meeting of the board that proposed the co-optation of some members. Subsequently, the new president will be elected and the positions will be assigned.

The volume has been distributed free of charge to members and can be purchased at the Flaccavento Library in Ragusa.

In the photo gallery some moments of the event (ph Biancavela Press / salvomic, Leica Q2, 28mm).

Salvo Micciché

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