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Chartage 2023: at showroom Spoto presented the first results

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Ragusa, April 28, 2023 — At the showroom of Ottica Spoto (in Ragusa, Piazza Libertà 19) Professor Giovanni Di Stefano and Dr. Salvo Micciché presented the first results of the excavation campaign of the Tunisian-Italian Archaeological Mission in Carthage (Tunisia).

After the greetings of Giorgio Spoto (Ottica Spoto) and Enzo Piazzese (Archeoclub d’Italia), Salvo Micciché (philologist, who is also a documentary photographer of the mission) introduced the report of prof. Di Stefano. Di Stefano exposed the results of the analyses conducted on the excavation site with georadar, drone, total station and other instrumentation, also projecting some photos of the work procedure.

The campaign will continue again and in June-July there will be other archaeological analyses.

Dr. Dominique Di Caro, who is part of the mission team, was also present at the conference in a remote connection.

Salvo Micciché finally presented 15 shots on the theme “Impressions from Tunisia” which will remain on display in the showroom until May 15 and which will be part of a further exhibition curated by Ondaiblea and Ottica Spoto. All photos were taken with Leica cameras and equipment.

A large audience participated with attention and interest complimenting the authors and organisers of the conference and exhibition.

In the photo gallery some shots of the evening (ph Biancavela Press / salvomic + concetta_ferma; Leica Q2, 28mm)

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